2016/2017 timeline

New programs are launched throughout the year, but our main schedule looks as follows:

2016 Aug 15 Research competitions launch
  Oct 3 2016/2017 Trading Competition launches
  Oct 24 Fall equity research screening completed; mentees contacted
  Nov 7
Data science & quant strategy screening completed; mentees contacted
2017 Jan 2 Fall Half of Trading Competition ends; winners announced on the 16th
  Feb 13 Spring equity research screening completed; mentees contacted
  Mar 6 Announcement of data science & quant strategy projects shortlisted for Demo Day
  Apr 3 Trading Competition ends; Spring Half and overall winners announced on 17th
  Apr 27 Data science & quant strategy Demo Day in New York

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Research competitions

Independent research provides experience that will help you stand out during recruiting and can be immediately put to use at work. All of our research competitions incorporate different forms of mentorship to ensure that the research you do with us stays grounded in industry practice.

Trading competition

Portfolio management is the ultimate test of investing ability, which is why it has been central to our work with students since our launch. Our sixth annual trading competition will start October 3rd, 2016 and will go on for six months.

This year we are proud to partner with Openfolio to allow students to compete using real-money trading accounts.

We are excited about this partnership for several reasons:

  • Less effort: students already managing personal portfolios don’t have to copy over all of their trades manually.
  • Bank-level security and privacy: even if you win, you will have the option to remain anonymous.
  • Better benchmarking: we can assess performance versus specific sub-groups in the existing Openfolio community.
  • Social layer: you can easily follow your friends’ trades – and share your own.

To ensure everyone has a chance to compete, we will award select students small allocations of seed capital.