Research competitions


Students are initially screened based on work samples. Instructions for completing a work sample are provided below. If you have completed relevant research previously, you can submit it as is.

Students who clear our screening process are guided through professional grade research by industry mentors. Top performers are announced at the end of the program. Authors of top data science and quant strategy research are invited to present their work at our annual Demo Day in the Spring.


Research competitions for 2016/2017 will follow the following schedule:

2016 Aug 15 Research competitions launch
  Oct 2 Fall equity research submissions due
  Oct 9 Data science & quant strategy submission drafts due (optional)
  Oct 23 Data science & quant strategy submissions due
  Oct 24 Fall equity research screening completed; mentees contacted
  Nov 7
Data science & quant strategy screening completed; mentees contacted
2017 Jan 29 Spring equity research submissions due
  Feb 13 Spring equity research screening completed; mentees contacted
  Mar 6 Announcement of data science & quant strategy projects shortlisted for Demo Day
  Apr 27 Data science & quant strategy Demo Day in New York

If you missed a deadline but would still like to get involved, please email us.


To be accepted into the competition, you are required to share a sample of your work.

Please note that quant work submitted for screening purposes is not intended to be complete – you are encouraged to add a Next Steps section. While equity research program participants begin their work anew once they have been accepted into the mentorship program, for data science and quant strategy program participants your initial submission will serve as a starting point for work you will be doing under the guidance of your industry mentor.


Once you have been accepted into the competition, you will gain access to a mentorship program where industry analysts will help guide your continued work.


Mentorship consists of regular calls between groups of 4-6 mentees and a dedicated industry mentor. The calls are generally held weekly or biweekly over the course of anywhere from two to six months. We have found that it is most helpful to have a single dedicated mentor working with the same group throughout the program.


Starting in Fall 2016, each student accepted into the mentorship program will be asked what kind of background and skillset you would want to see in your mentor. We will then find someone who matches that profile as closely as possible.


Many data and platform providers are keen to have their products cited in our students’ research. In just the past year, we have been able to offer participants in our research program access to RS Metrics, Omega Point, Ayasdi, ThinkNum, and Alpha Sense.


Students are free to share work from this research program with prospective employers. Upgrade Capital also showcases our students’ top research to our industry contacts. For quant research, the most notable example is our annual Demo Day, held as part of the Augvest event series.

How to join

To submit an existing sample of your work, please use this form if you have an Upgrade Capital account and this form otherwise.
If you would like to prepare a work sample, please register so that we know to share additional materials and general program updates as they become available:

All registrants are added to the research program mailing list. You can unsubscribe at any time.
If you attend one of our Core Universities, you will receive an invite to join the Upgrade Capital platform. In addition to gaining access to examples of exceptional work we received in the past, you will gain the ability to receive feedback on drafts of your work before you file the final submission.