It is our pleasure to announce and congratulate the winners of the 2014/2015 Fortress Challenge:

  • Spring Half winners
    2 Jan 2015 to 3 Apr 2015
    1. Akshay Gujral (McMaster ’17)
    2. Brent Botwin (UC San Diego ’16)
    3. Thomas Rajkovich (Notre Dame ’15)
  • Overall winners
    2 Oct 2014 to 3 Apr 2015
    1. Srikanth Madugula (UBC Sauder ’15)
    2. Priyanshu Bakshi (UChicago Booth ’16)
    3. Joseph Sahinen (Texas A&M ’15)

These students will split $10,000 in prizes and will also be invited to join the Fall Half winners for a meeting with senior management at Fortress Investment Group this spring.

We have also seen some very impressive performance at the university level. For this part of our analysis we looked at average RAAs for two groups of students at each university: those who have been active at least every other week, and everyone else.

Here are the ten schools where active students have performed the best:

You might notice that RAAs seem to generally be higher for more active students than for less active ones. This is actually the case for 18 of the 20 universities with the most representatives in the Fortress Challenge – meaning that hundreds of you have been successfully generating alpha this year.