Whereas past Leaders’ Summits were mostly about featuring a few senior industry executives, in reaching out to firms this year we chose to instead invite professionals who are closer in age to current students. This allowed us to boost the number of industry reps and also to draw representation from a half-dozen different leading hedge funds and private equity firms.

Flow Traders was kind enough to host us at their spacious New York office, which allowed attendees to break out into multiple small discussion groups. Industry reps rotated around the groups, meaning that by the end of the Summit every single student in attendance had been able to have meaningful conversations with several different professionals.

Though the primary focus of the event was on trends unfolding at the intersection of technology and traditional finance, in asking attendees for their takeaways we found that the more personal nature of this year’s Summit meant that much of the advice students received was more broad.

You can view a summary of key takeaways here.